Wolfnet is a multimedia telecommunications company that offers a multitude of Internet and data services, specializing in Point to Point, Frame Relay, DSL, and Wide Area Data Networks. In addition, Wolfnet offers server Co-Location, and Web Hosting.

Wolfnet's mission is to be the premier Internet Service Provider that consistently offers the highest-quality Internet Service and Equipment, at the most competitive prices, to enable businesses, both large and small, to access a world of information and stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology.

To accomplish this mission, Wolfnet has designed and implemented a state-of-the-art network. This network, powered by industry leader, Cisco Systems, partnered with telecommunication leaders BBN Planet, Sprint, BellSouth, UUNet, MCI, Qwest, Ameritech, and others, enables Wolfnet to offer its customers the highest quality Internet and data services.

Wolfnet has created a unique model for businesses that are serious about the Internet. It is a model that fills the void that is created by the standard ISP. By eliminating dial-up, massive web hosting, and residential versions of DSL, Wolfnet can provide its customers with clean, fast, reliable Internet bandwidth. Over subscription of bandwidth may be acceptable for casual web surfing, but in the ever-expanding world of e-Business, under subscription is the only answer. The Wolfnet model ensures that businesses will receive the speed they expect, and the throughput they demand to be successful.

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